Premium design hand-sanitizer dispenser for luxury ambiance from HannesHuber STAHLART

Updated: Jan 14

A luxury ambiance deserves a luxury hand-sanitiser station. Made of elegant black steel and handcrafted in Italy, the hand-sanitiser dispenser stand provides safety and protection and a premium feeling of hygiene to your guests.

Differentiate your hotel with the sanitiser dispenser from HannesHuber STAHLART™. Make a sustainable choice – the elegant dispenser is foot-operated and touch-free for the hand plus it is completely free from electronics and sensors. Design, art, and quality craftmanship made in Italy Born, developed, and manufactured in the heart of the Alps in Northern Italy, the disinfectant dispenser from HannesHuber STAHLART inserts seamlessly into your luxury ambiance. Benefit from its calm and elegant presence and provide a luxury feeling of hygiene to your guests. The dispenser can be used with every available disinfectant, which is quick and easy to pour into the integrated glass bottle. Be independent by choosing and using your preferred disinfectant. The output quantity is adjustable and ensures operation for many days before refilling. The added drip tray keeps the floor clean.

Personalize your dispenser Handcrafted black steel is the cornerstone of our sustainable manufacturing. We gladly offer any type of customization upon request. For example personalize the dispenser with your own logo and color. “We are very excited about the positive feedback we got from our customers, many of them top star hotels in the Alpine region” comments Viktor Lazzeri, Business Manager.

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